Featured Organizations

These two organizations will be featured at the September 29th Philly Queer Bazaar

“For Brown Bleeders is a collective of low income, earth-connected people of color who merge our disciplines as artists, healers, and scholars to center the experiences of black and native people in the United States. We are bleeders, historically low income and marginalized, because we acknowledge that our blood carries the histories of our ancestors and can be a catalyst for healing, remembering and restoration.
We historicize lived experiences of poc abuse survivors to create a foundation for self-sustainability. All of our programming primarily responds to the needs of people of color who bleed and move through all forms of abuse, including sexual assault, domestic violence, and environmental racism.”



“The Starfruit Project supports radical healing and brilliant growth through creative writing and performance programs that center queer and trans people of color.

The Starfruit Package will be setting up a Creative Healing Station and advertising for upcoming events (auditions, free writing workshop).”

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